E-commerce Site, You Have Value: How the Company Treats Us, Our Data, and Independent Information

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E-commerce site data is a big part of our lives

E-commerce websites are where we go to purchase the things we need and want. These companies have a great deal of value. They’re constantly looking for ways to engage their customers and show them how much they mean to the company. It’s an opportunity that they’re committed to. For instance, forward-thinking companies always look for ways to engage customers to illustrate how much they mean as a person, not just another number on the account list!

Consumers want to protect their data

As more consumers become aware of the data’s threats, they seek solutions to keep their information safe. Consumers want companies to value them and show it by improving security.

With an increased focus on protecting both your personal information- including credit card numbers, or social security numbers-you’ll be able to stay safer online while still getting access any time without worrying about hackers taking advantage of these vulnerabilities.

Safety Detectives Interview With Straal

Straal Chief Marketing Officer Nancy Carleton discusses how E-commerce companies treat us, our data, and our private information. Additionally, she shares the impacts of the pandemic on these industries. You can read the conversation in an interview published by Aviva Zacks (Cybersecurity Expert and Writer) in

You can find the interview here.

Therefore, it serves as a good reminder of the importance that our data remains safe and secure.

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