Vulnerabilities in cybersecurity can impact your business

COVID-19 has been a wake-up call for many businesses. The pandemic has impacted a shift to online shopping and remote work, which has been a boon for some, it has also exposed new weaknesses. Businesses have to be proactive in securing their investments, to be safe.

At Straal, we dedicate ourselves to providing customers with the highest level of security. We implement measures to protect against cyber threats, including protecting businesses from different types of fraud, unwanted traffic, and unwanted chargebacks. Straal monitors systems for any threatening activity.

Because of this,Straal makes it our goal to keep our customers safe so that they can focus on running their businesses. With Straal, they can rest assured that their payments are secure.

Vulnerabilities in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a critical topic. Nancy Carleton, CMO of Straal, was interviewed by cybernews about this important theme. When asked about risks facing businesses today, she had this to say:

“I think the biggest challenge is that there will always be new threats. Cybersecurity is not a static field; it’s constantly evolving. Consequently, as technologies emerge, so do new ways for people to exploit them. Thus, security is so important. Companies that invest in security and think about what will come tomorrow are best prepared.”

Implement tools that protect your business

Straal remains committed to helping customers protect their businesses and their customers. They accomplish this by offering a comprehensive suite of security features designed to keep data safe.

Carleton discusses the importance of improving such vulnerabilities using resources to protect your business and customers. She states “Those who prioritise security today have to always think about what will come tomorrow,” Carleton added “It’s not enough to simply deploy technologies and solutions that worked well last year.”

Businesses must be proactive in their approach to security. Companies should constantly look for new ways to improve their defences. “The goal should be to make it as difficult as possible for attackers to succeed,” Carleton shares.

Nancy Carleton discusses cybersecurity on cybernews
Nancy Carleton on cybernews

Read the interview here :

Nancy Carleton, Straal on cybernews


If you’re looking to improve your cybersecurity posture, contact Straal today. We can help you assess your current risks and develop a plan to address them. Contact Straal today to get started.

Want more information?

Learn about Straal Security initiatives: Fraud Prevention Tools, Early Warning, and Chargeback Thresholds.

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