Our Mission

The world of online payments has become extremely complex over the past decades, leading to a steep decrease in its overall performance. The abundance of payment methods used around the world and entities involved in payment processing, although convenient for consumers, poses a serious challenge for merchants who operate in many different markets. What works perfectly in one place, might be useless in another and, in fact, hamper commercial performance. In consequence, payments have become one of the weakest links in the e-commerce value chain. Our mission is to change it. We aim to make online payments convenient, effective, and secure. Around the world, around the clock. 

Our Vision

Since 2017, we have been developing a suite of payment, optimisation, and fraud prevention solutions that, when combined, give merchants the ability to collect payments with top effectiveness and cost efficiency wherever in the world they choose to do business. We want to give our clients a powerful payment orchestration platform that would meet all of their payment-related needs at all stages of their commercial growth. Available through a single, easy integration; ready for the goals and challenges ahead, end-user-friendly in every corner of the world.   

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Meet our leaders

Andreas Simonsen

Chief Executive Officer
Andreas is not only know in for his excellent leadership skills but also for his experience in working for the biggest players on the market. He has spent over 6 years working with payments processing and acquiring for some of the most recognizable brands such as Nets (to merge with Nexi) and BS Payone (former B+S Cardservice, now Worldline/Ingenico). Andreas strongly believes in a strong customer centric approach and his mission concentrates on providing high quality solutions tailored to the needs of Straal’s customers.
Bartek van de paver VP of Sales Straal

Bartek van de Pavert

VP of Sales
Bartek owns 14 years of extensive experience working for several established companies such as Nets, Wirecard, Ingenico, eMerchantPay and Paysafe. At these companies he was responsible for building up a merchant portfolio of international clients. He also worked with companies in digital services, retail and travel with various needs. Bartek’s experience within complex payment solution building has fully equipped him to understand the power of teamwork and cross functional work.
Tomasz Boboli Vp of Engineering Straal

Tomasz Boboli

VP of Engineering
Tomasz started his career as a software engineer over 15 years ago. After gaining experience in the field of technical leadership and project management, he began to hold senior management positions at companies such as Vienna Insurance Group, Atende Software and Aurea Software. He created IT solutions for various industries: from defence, payment systems, insurance, energy to software for enterprises.

Peter Rosenlund

VP of Business Development and Operations
Peter owns 14+ years of experience with key players and leading acquirers, processors and issuers, including Nets and SEB. At Straal he takes strategic responsibility for all operational aspects of the business and lead Straal through its next stage of growth and focuses on new consumer experience driven propositions and services to merchants across Europe. He also oversees operations where his extensive experience is used to optimize and automate existing processes, in order to achieve more space for development and improve Straal’s customers journey and increase sales.
Straal Chief Financial Officer

Piotr Przybył

Chief Financial Officer
Piotr started his adventure with corporate finance and through the years he was gaining experience as a CFO&CIO at e-commerce copartnerships (such as eSky.pl, Fru.pl, Vola.ro, Flyhacks.com) and in the FMCG industry. Piotr managed various financial teams in Poland and Romania and was also responsible for financial structures in the USA, Brazil and Bulgaria. Simultaneously, he was a member of the investment capital fund committee at Impera Seed Fund. He is a specialist in planning and business modeling, start-up management and investor relationships.
Danielius CRO Straal

Danielius Kolisovas

Chief Risk Officer
Before joining Straal, Danielius held executive risk and compliance positions at various financial institutions and large corporations for over 15 years. He also took leading role in financial licensing process in EU, UK and US ensuring the applicants are compliant with different regulations. Danielius began his career in 1998 at KPMG and EY providing audit and Risk Advisory services to major companies in Lithuania. Danielius earned his MSc from University of Greenwich and in in the final stages to get his PhD in Economics at Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania). His mission at Straal is to lead the organization through the transition from an advanced gateway provider into a leading payment orchestration company and a premium partner of major card organizations.

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