Corporate Banking

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C2B/B2B bank account 100% online

C2B/B2B accounts for merchants of any size

We have joined forces with a European challenger bank, to unlock innovative corporate banking for companies operating in sophisticated business models, underserved by traditional banks. We have corporate banking solutions suitable for your business, whatever your company’s size or operating model.

Support for diverse currencies

Tech-savvy KYC & AML


KYC and AML experts truly understand the complexity of modern tech-driven business. No matter how innovative and sophisticated your model and structure, you can still open an account.


Dedicated IBANs


Thanks to dedicated IBANs, all your accounts can be used for collecting direct transfers from customers, including individuals, via open banking payment initiation systems such as Straal Direct.


Easy application 100% online


You can apply for a corporate bank account 100% online. Just visit and fill the form.

Get up and running in no Accelerate your business growth with our innovative solutions and a refferal program.time. Effectively.