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Small business

Grow in e-commerce with Straal’s complete payment services adapted to the needs of small business. Card payments, transparent pricing and more:


Reach customers globally and accept cross-border card payments in different currencies. Additional benefits include:

Payment plugins for e-commerce platforms

Our payment plugin is a smart and secure way to accept card payments in your own website.
It’s easy to install and works with popular e-commerce platforms

Tailored solutions

Straal supports you with custom solutions that fit your a’la-carte business needs and improve your users’ payment experience. For more, please get in touch with our team.

Global payment gateway

Connect your customers with the right payment method in their own language and currency, wherever they are in the world.

Integration with ease

Find our wide choice of plugins for e-commerce platforms and adjust payment checkout to your business.

Analytics & Reporting Tools

Track cash flow and keep your transaction risk under control without having to review complex data yourself.

Straal Security Suite

Stop fraudulent transactions before they even happen by using our real time fraud protection solutions.

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Marcin Maliszewski CEO, Blinkee.city

What I appreciate most about Straal is the ease of use of the system and their individual approach to the customer. Thanks to this cooperation, running business accounts has become child’s play.

Sebastian Szalachowski Co-founder, Perfect Gym

A major advantage of working with Straal is having the full suite of payments, payment gateway, risk management and acquiring in one system.

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What is One-Click Payment and How to Use it Smartly

What is One-Click Payment and How to Use it Smartly

Reducing your online checkout process to a single click is tempting, isn’t it? In the face of phenomena such as the *mobile first* approach, demand for instant gratification among young generations of consumers, and conversions taking a matter of milliseconds, one-click payment might seem to be the Holy Grail of modern online commerce.

What to Look for in a Payment Gateway? Part I

What to Look for in a Payment Gateway? Part I

If you’re reading this, you’re probably searching for the best tool to collect payments from your customers and need to understand the differences between diverse solutions available on the market. Here’s a brief guide to selecting the right payment gateway for your online business.

5 Things You Should Know about the Payment Ecosystem

5 Things You Should Know about the Payment Ecosystem

Fintech insiders oftentimes erroneously assume that consumers, let alone merchants, know much more about the payment ecosystem than they actually do. This might lead to disturbing misunderstandings, make companies miss business opportunities, consumers get a headache and vendors fritter away their marketing budgets.

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