Simple Subscriptions Management for B2B

Automate, optimize, and manage all recurring payments in one place. Easily and effectively.

Maximized authorization rate

Flexible plans and collecting flows

Key performance data at hand


Automate Trials and Collecting Plans with Subscription Management System

Design, configure, launch, and let it roll.

Straal subscription engine enables creating, running, and managing custom payment plans adjusted to your commercial strategy and business requirements. You can compose payment collecting cycles and sequences and more.


Maximize Payment Collecting Effectiveness with Custom Routing and Retry Logics

Get paid as agreed, not by chance.


Subscriptions and top business performance are at the very heart of Straal. Our subscription engine is supported by advanced logics developed to maximize your transaction authorization rate and reduce the number of card charging attempts needed to collect contracted payments effectively, on time, and at minimum risk. Check how our smart features work in our videos: Smart Routing and Smart Retry.


Use Single Dashboard to Rule Them All

Administer critical aspects of your subscription business in one place
Create custom subscription plan adjusted to you unique needs and vision. Compose free trials, configure diverse billing cycles and more.
Set up, monitor and manage subscriber accounts. See what plans and payment methods your customers choose and how this translates into your revenue.
Track your flow of transactions and easily browse historical data. Assess and manage risk, order refunds, and trigger one-off transactions with vaulted cards.

Accelerate your business growth with our innovative solutions and a refferal program.