Top-grade Fraud Prevention Tools On Board

Prevent fraud with an outstanding accuracy


Leverage the power of AI and advanced user profiling

Collect and analyse thousands of data points featuring every single user to accurately predict fraud attempts. In real time, without any CX interference.


Straal is equipped with one of the most advanced fraud prevention systems on the market. Working entirely in the background, the solution collects thousands of unique attributes on each user session ranging from behavioural to network data. These metrics are fuelling advanced predictive Machine Learning models and other algorithms that provide immediate and outstandingly accurate transaction legitimacy assessment recommendations.


Stay informed and act accordingly

Receive fraud alerts directly from card issuers. Refund suspicious transactions before they turn into chargebacks.


Our fraud prevention solution reaches beyond context-aware risk analysis. The system is connected to a global network of card issuers sharing fraud alerts linked to particular card numbers. In case of accepting a payment made with a compromised card, you can carry out a refund before the cardholder files a chargeback request in their bank.


Don’t get MATCHed. Stay away from thresholds

Monitor critical risk thresholds to avoid costly consequences.


We report key metrics on chargebacks and fraud in Straal Kompas and help you interpret them so that you stay away from troubles. Careful monitoring together with our fraud prevention tools will help you stay below thresholds imposed by card organisations and getting on the inglorious MATCH list.

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