Smart Payment Processing Optimized for Profits

Handle all kinds of card transactions with maximum effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

Smart Routing

Smart Retry


Backup Processing


Smartly Route Your Traffic

Connect to multiple acquirers and increase your authorization rate by processing every transaction via the best-fitting partner.




Card transactions often end up declined, especially cross-border payments. Although the world of online commerce is borderless, most payment processors specialize in specific regions and lack a global perspective. Every payment is made in a unique context and the acquirer decides whether the transaction gets processed or declined.




We have established more than 200 acquiring connections worldwide and developed our Smart Routing engine. We can help you compose a set of acquirers adjusted to your individual business requirements, connect you with them through our gateway and automatically manage your flow of transactions to maximize your authorization rate using a suite of pre-configured logics.

Acquiring connections
Transaction currencies
Increase in auth-rate


Recover Your Lost Revenue

Retry every failed payment in a way and time that give the highest chance for successful processing. Automatically and accurately.




Collecting payments from cards saved on file sometimes requires multiple charging attempts. Consumers use pre-paid and virtual cards, set up limits on their debit and credit cards, and have diversified solvency cycles. Every card charging attempt is a cost. The fewer attempts, the higher your profits.




We have developed a suite of charging logics that automatically schedule the retry date and time for each declined payment when the chances for successful processing are the highest. Every retry can be scheduled based on numerous variables that feature the reasons and the context of the preceding decline.

Increase in revenue
Pre-configured retry algorithms


Increase Your Uptime

Keep your business running regardless of the downtime of acquirers by redirecting to backup processors or proposing an alternative payment method.




In the tech world, even the most reliable partners need a maintenance break from time to time. Although such breaks are usually held in low-traffic hours, for businesses operating across multiple time zones, it does not solve the problem. Payments need to be processed around the clock as every interruption costs money.




We have equipped our gateway with a solution called Backup Processing. It allows for uninterrupted sales despite maintenance breaks and technical problems of acquirers. In case of a main acquirer’s downtime, it automatically redirects all transactional traffic to alternative payment processors. It also allows for the replacement of out-of-service payment methods with alternative options to minimise checkout abandonment.


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