At Straal, we strongly believe in the value of information, which later can be used as the basis for business analysis, market forecasting or economic research. Our mission is to unravel the mystery of the constantly changing payment ecosystem – around the globe, around the clock! That is why we’d like to share with you a few blogs referring to the payment industry addressing multiple international payment solutions.

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Fintech industry blogs recommended by Straal

Tech Bullion

Tech Bullion is an equivalent for “visitor center” in the realm of online payments. Curious how to introduce your company to the Brave New World? Tech Bullion is, surely, the right place to grab some insights regarding start up management, business relationships, security and alternative payment methods.


Finovate is founded by Jim Bruene, specializes in launching conferences focused on financial innovation, card networks and contactless payments. On its website you can find captivating videos, booster programs and the thought-provoking blog, which enables the reader to acquire a transparent outlook for the future of payment processing. So, have a closer look at the outlook!

Daily Fintech

Owned by Bernard Lunn, Daily Fintech publishes analyses regarding Insurtech, crypto and global payment trends. The authors of the blog endeavour to present numerous attitudes and a great deal of various perspectives. The blog is not just about journalism, but also substantial financial expertise. Well, about transaction fees too…


A fraud-prevention company using cutting-edge AI and ML technology so as to detect and prevent card-not-present fraud and account takeovers. On the Nethone’s blog one may find crucial information and riveting insights pertaining to cybersecurity, fraud-prevention and a deeply intricate payment ecosystem. You can feel secure while reading Nethone’s blog.

And last but not least:


We are transforming the realm of online payments as one of international payment solutions providers. Our blog pertains to fields such as e-commerce, MaaS, mobile wallets, alternative payment methods, open banking, subscription and – obviously – much more. Don’t wait, have a read! Oh, well… Actually, you’re just having one. Perfect. 

There’s a bonus waiting for you – top fintech influencers!

How about glancing at personal blogs? Although the payments industry is not much related to Instragram service culture, we can also point out a few major fintech influencers.

Don’t hesitate to be under the influence and check: 

Tom Groenfeldt

A renowned finance expert whose articles regard finance, online payments, bank accounts and their offsprings. The author, affiliated with Forbes, has plenty of achievements in his portfolio. There’s nothing peculiar about naming him to the list of top global influencers by The Financial Brand. Well, Congratulations!

The Finance Buff

The author of the blog, Harry Sit, believes that there’s no shortcuts to knowledge. That is why he provides the finance industry with quite comprehensive articles and financial books. The reader may indulge oneself in the posts concerning latest payment gateway news or utterly impressive archives spanning the last 15 years of (digital) finance. Have a read, feel the passion.

Now, when we’re sure everyone has the lecture for tomorrow’s morning…

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