Podcasts continue to grow in popularity and are considered as one of the most impactful media of the digital industry. As of July 2020, there were over 850 000 active podcasts in more than 100 languages. The podcast universe alone has a lot to offer: from business-oriented content to lifestyle but today, let’s focus on business, fintech and e-commerce.

Whether you’ve been in the industry for years now or you’re just getting started, podcasts are a really great way to deepen your knowledge, keep up to date on trends or simply entertain yourself.

It’s impossible to try out every single one, that’s why we’ve curated the top 5 fintech-related podcasts with a solid “recommended by Straal” label on it.

suggested podcasts are:

  • free
  • available worldwide
  • in English

Breaking Banks

Created by the US-based FinTech legend, Brett King, the podcast hosts famous guests from the industry. Besides the engaging personality of the host, Breaking Banks is likely to be the best news source about every single change or news related to the fintech area. Having ca. 7 million listeners from 180 countries, it is actually the #1 podcast in the fintech world.

The Wharton FinTech Podcast

This podcast is so different from the others: produced by Wharton FinTech, it is the first student-led FinTech podcast initiative. It features investors, founders and innovative entrepreneurs, and covers global fintech trends, news and topics related to the future of the industry. What we find really great about this series, is that the hosts aim to connect the professionals with young people that are truly passionate about the subject, which is a fresh and uncommon approach.

11:FS Fintech Insider

11:FS Fintech Insider is a bi-weekly podcast broadcasted right from London’s financial district. The natural flow of conversation makes every episode really enjoyable. What makes it even more interesting, is that it is hosted by a rotation of 11:FS experts. As a listener, you’re given a view on the recent news and developments within the fintech world.

What The FinTech?(FinTech Futures)

What The FinTech is probably the newest podcast on our list (created in March 2020), it covers the hotest finance-related topics such as payments and open banking. It also provides in-depth analyses with strong and sometimes even ruthless opinions. The episodes are usually 30-35 minutes long, perfect for commuting, daily walks or listening during your lunch break.

Fintech Unplugged

Last but not least, Fintech Unplugged, is co-presented by two of the most respected and outspoken leaders in the payments industry, Robert Courtneidge and Suresh Vaghjiani, who go head to head to answer difficult and controversial questions from the fintech world. Basically, unscripted and unrehearsed episodes, both educating and entertaining that are worth your time.

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*source: https://musicoomph.com/podcast-statistics/

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