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1.25% +15p for UK Consumer Cards

2.90% +15p for non-UK and Corporate Cards

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3D Secure authentication Included Multi-factor authentication for card transactions. Allows you to prevent fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.
Subscription payments Included Card payments that use a tokenized card stored by Straal to charge your customer the same amount on a fixed schedule.
Tokenization / One-click payments Included Card payments that use the stored card details held by Straal for each transaction initiated by your customer. Services

Pay-by-bank On request Direct bank transfers between customers and merchants in the EU based on Open Banking API.
Straal Security Suite GBP 0.05 Intelligent system that prevents fraudulent transactions from impacting your business.
Smart Routing On request Increase your authorization rate by processing every transaction via the best-fitting partner.

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    Contact us for an individual pricing tailored to your business:

  • if you procces more than GBP 500,000 per year, or
  • if your company is based in the European Union country.

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