Pay-by-link payments

Seamless bank-based payment method from the CEE

What are Pay-by-links?

Pay-by-link is the leading payment method in Poland – one of the biggest markets in the CEE region. With a population of roughly 38 million and predicted value of e-commerce of nearly EUR 16 billion to be reached by 2021, Poland is an attractive expansion ground for merchants from diverse fields of digital economy. If you plan to sell to Polish consumers, pay-by-link is a solution you cannot overlook.

How it works

From the payer’s perspective, pay-by-link transactions look similar to Straal Direct payments. To make a payment, your customer needs to select their bank from a list, and once automatically redirected to their e-banking system, conduct authentication and confirm the money transfer. The funds are transferred immediately to an account of a pay-by-link service provider held in the payer’s bank and a payment confirmation is sent to you instantly, so that the fulfillment process can be initiated right away.

Benefits of Apple Pay



Apple Pay is easy to set up and users can pay with the devices that they use every day.


Speed and Wide Acceptance

With Apple Pay, a payment can be made in seconds. and is accepted in millions of stores around the world, online and in apps.


Security and Privacy

Setting up Apple Pay is easy. Simply go to the Wallet app on your Apple device, tap the “+” sign, and follow the prompts to add a new card. Your information is secure during this process as Apple Pay doesn’t store the card number, and the card issuers verify your information.

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