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Mobility as a Service 2020

The second edition of the cross-sectional report on the Polish and global condition of the Mobility as a Service 2020 industry! The report includes a comprehensive analysis of available solutions, as well as a consumer survey exploring the attitude of Poles to MaaS before the epidemic, during the lockdown, and outlines prospects for the future.

From the report you will learn:

  • what was the attitude of Poles to shared mobility before the epidemic, during the lockdown and after it, based on the results of the most recent consumer survey (September 2020) presented via comprehensive analysis
  • which services have the biggest growth potential? Who will survive the crisis and minimize losses, and who will not recover from the epidemic?
  • what are the biggest challenges and limitations in the global and domestic MaaS market (including Lex UTO and Lex Uber)?
  • comments from top MaaS representatives in Poland and around the world
    comparison of the behavior of Polish MaaS users over the last two years and their financial habits: have online payments dominated the Polish market?
  • autonomous cars: a friend or an enemy?
  • innovation overview (Mobility Hub, one application) and outlook for the future
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Mobility as a Service 2020

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