Subscriptions PL 2019 Extract

  • A new edition of the first cross-sectional report on the state of Subscription Economy in Poland.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the Polish Subscription Economy phenomenon featuring expert commentaries.
  • Data from a consumer research conducted in 2019 on a sample of 2,000 respondents (IQS on behalf of Digital Poland Foundation.)
  • Rich data visualizations.

This is an extract from the Subskrypcje PL report – a paper originally issued in Polish. This document contains key insights and data visualizations from the original.

Subscription Economy is one of the most important phenomena shaping today’s digital trends. Selling products and services in the subscription model is gradually becoming a standard in an increasing number of industries. It has a tremendous impact on the way consumers and businesses perceive ownership, mutual commitments, profitability, and development.

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Subscriptions PL 2019 Extract