Straal launches real-time payouts to cards

Straal – an international provider of effective payment, optimization, and fraud prevention solutions for digital businesses – announced that it had launched a new real-time payout method, Original Credit Transaction (OCT).

The newly introduced payment method enables fast and limitless cross-border fund transfers to card users. Thanks to this feature, every merchant can make convenient payouts to their customers within minutes through Straal’s smart payment gateway – no IBAN needed.

The real-time OCT solution is a PCI compliant way to safely send funds to clients. It leverages the security of global payment networks and Straal’s encryption technology.

What is more, the new functionality allows merchants to bring value to their customers on a truly global scale: funds might be sent to over a billion eligible card users from more than 200 countries.

Payouts have applications in various industries. They might be used in the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) sector while paying drivers or paying out users charging e-scooters. One could even transfer winnings from an online casino or lottery. The convenient and user-friendly system is efficient and flexible.

From a merchant’s perspective, the flow is really smooth: the merchant sends a payout request to Straal. The funds are then transferred from the merchant’s account and arrive almost instantly on the customer’s account via Visa / Mastercard rails.

Our new payout solution allows our merchants to send funds to their customers and partners at the speed they expect. We are proud to keep introducing new payment functionalities on our platform that bring additional value to our customers. – comments Michał Jędraszak, CEO of Straal.

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Straal launches real-time payouts to cards

Straal launches real-time payouts to cards

__Straal__ is an international provider of payment, optimization and fraud prevention solutions for future-minded businesses. The company offers a comprehensive suite of products that make accepting digital payments easier, as well as more effective and secure. Straal enables accepting one-off and recurring payments carried out by customers with credit and debit cards of all major organizations, initiating SEPA Direct Debit cycles and more. Thanks to Straal, customers can pay in currencies of their choice (over 200 options), using their preferred desktop and mobile platforms, while merchants can effectively maximise their transaction approval rate and mitigate risk. Founded in 2017, the company is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland.

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