Straal announces Peter Rosenlund as its VP of Business Development and Operations.

Straal, an international provider of effective payment, optimization, and fraud prevention solutions for digital businesses, announced Peter Rosenlund as the company’s VP of Business Development and Operations.

Peter Rosenlund will take strategic responsibility for all operational aspects of the business and lead Straal through its next stage of growth. He will be focusing mostly on new consumer experience driven propositions and services to merchants across Europe.

Andreas Simonsen, CEO at Straal, comments: ‘We are excited to welcome Peter at Straal where he will take on a crucial role supporting our current growth with new initiatives as well as continuing to improve our operations. Peter has first hand experience on multiple parts of the payment, as well as the banking value chain and will therefore add further value to Straal as we are finalising our European license process. As a leader Peter will contribute to the Straal team with his constant good mood, people skills and his ability to create personal growth amongst the Straal members’.

The new VP of Business Development and Operations at Straal owns 14+ years of experience with key players and leading acquirers, processors and issuers, including Nets and SEB. He is looking forward to returning to a merchant focused organization and delivering customer-oriented solutions together with the Straal Team.

‘It is a great opportunity for me to join Straal at this part of our journey as its VP of BD and Ops. Having been a service provider to FinTech’s across the payments value chain, Straal offers a great platform to get closer to and engage with merchants in delivering consumer focused payment experiences.’ says Peter Rosenlund.

Peter will also oversee operations where his extensive experience will be used to optimize and automate existing processes, in order to achieve more space for development and improve Straal’s customers journey and increase sales.

‘Nowadays, great propositions in the payment industry require a much larger effort in understanding our customers’ needs and pains. Payments is a necessity for consumers to access products and services. We want to engage with our customers to enable local trade in a universal and responsible way.’ sums up the new VP of BD and Ops at Straal.

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