Bartek van de Pavert Joins Straal as the New VP of Sales

As of 1st of September Bartek van de Pavert officially joins as VP of Sales the innovative fintech Straal – an international provider of effective payment, optimisation, and fraud prevention solutions for digital businesses.

The new VP of Sales at Straal owns 14 years of extensive experience working for several established companies such as Nets, Wirecard, Ingenico, eMerchantPay and Paysafe. At these companies he was responsible for building up a merchant portfolio of international clients. He also worked with companies in digital services, retail and travel with various needs. Being half Polish certainly helps, as Bartek understands the needs of Straal’s local merchants base and their way of thinking.

His extensive experience in the payment industry and challenger sales approach will have a significant impact on the future of the company since Straal has signaled its ambitious development plans towards tailored payment solutions for micro and small enterprises across diverse industries.

‘I am very much looking forward to working with the young and ambitious people at Straal. There is an eagerness to really take this organisation to the next level, be more professional and continue to build on the many innovative payment solutions already in place. This is an exciting time to join Straal. I strongly believe that with the talent and combined experience of the team we can further develop cutting edge but still simple solutions for our clients.’ says the new VP of Sales at Straal.

Bartek van de Pavert will be responsible for leading Straal’s Sales department, accelerating growth and expansion plans of the company. Bartek’s experience within complex payment solution building has fully equipped him to understand the power of teamwork and cross functional work: ‘Even though not always visible to the outside world, sales in today’s sophisticated world is always a combined effort of key people who work out tailor made payment solutions to our merchants. I like to share my knowledge with the team and build the right payment proposition for our clients. Get the best out of everyone and make it really work for the client.’

Andreas Simonsen, CEO at Straal, comments: “I am very excited and happy to welcome Bartek to the Straal team! Straal is expanding our products and services while turning them into customer driven propositions, so it is important for Straal to have a very experienced person to help transform our sales department and the way

sales is cooperating with the rest of the organisation, while keeping the customer outcome in mind. Bartek has many years of experience and has been dealing with very complex merchant solutions successfully throughout his career. I therefore believe he will help us to take away the complexity in the Straal solutions and present value driven offerings to our customers and potential customers going forward.“.

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