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Card Payments Overview

Accept cards of all major brands

Credit and debit cards remain the most popular means of payment in the world. However, the variety of card brands and diversity of consumer preferences in this regard in different parts of the world make it necessary for forward-thinking merchants to reach beyond the basic two leading card organisations. Straal enables accepting payments made with cards issued with most leading schemes, so that your customers can pay with whatever cards they have.

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Collect payments in whatever currencies you need

Over 150 transaction currencies
Your customers want to be charged the exact amount that they see on the price tag in your e-store and don’t like surprises such as exchange fees. With Straal, you can collect payments in over 150 currencies, so wherever you choose to expand, your customers can pay in the currency of their choice. 

Over 30 settlement currencies
On top of that, we support over 30 settlement currencies, which means that the funds can be wired to your account in any of those, free from exchange fees and risk associated with exchange rates fluctuation.

Card Payments Overview

Securely vault cards for recurring payments

Collecting recurring payments requires saving card details on file. Your customers want to be sure that their sensitive payment data is stored and processed with utmost care for security. Straal utilizes advanced tokenization solutions that meet the highest security standards. We hold the highest-degree PCI DSS certificate (level 1) which guarantees that our system meets the rigorous standards imposed by the leading card organisations. Our secure card vaulting mechanism gives your customers the ability to save their card information for future use to process subscriptions or one-click payments. In practice, you – as a merchant – do not need to “touch” sensitive data, hence you do not need to go through the demanding and costly PCI DSS certification process and audits.

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Connect with acquirers in all corners of the world

While global recognition and acceptance are among the major advantages of leading credit and debit card brands, most acquiring banks specialise in selected markets and geographical regions. Payments made with cards issued in one region, when processed via an acquirer specialized in another, might easily end up declined, as the latter may erroneously identify them as fraud attempts or be unable to properly interpret feedback from the issuer. In consequence, merchants who want to offer their products or services on many different markets need to cooperate with multiple acquiring banks and process transactions via partners familiar with relevant regions of card issuers.

Straal offers more than 200 acquiring connections worldwide. You can choose as many local payment processing partners as needed to ensure high payment authorisation rates in all markets you wish to target, whatever those are.


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Route every transaction to the best-fitting acquirer

Once connected with multiple acquirers, you need to know which of them to choose for each transaction to maximise your chance for successful processing. Besides card origin and regional specialisation of acquirers, there are myriad of factors that influence the effectiveness of payment processing. Varying industry expertise and risk appetite of acquirers, date and time of the payment, type of the card used, or the IP number of the payer’s device are just a few examples of such.

We leverage our industry expertise and vast data analyses to develop and maintain an always current mechanism – Smart Routing – that distributes your customers’ payments among acquirers in a way that maximises your authorisation rate. With Straal, every single transaction is routed to a processor who – under given circumstances and conditions – gives the highest chance for success.

Card Payments Overview straal

Prevent fraud and manage risk

Payment fraud is among the major challenges the e-commerce industry is facing these days. Transactions made by criminals with stolen cards, if not spotted on time, result in costly chargebacks, material losses and sometimes even in restrictions imposed on merchants by card organisations. Fortunately, we got you covered.

Straal offers a broad range of advanced fraud prevention and risk management solutions that help merchants spot fraud attempts before they even happen, refund suspicious payments before they turn into chargebacks and monitor risk-associated indicators in real time. 

Explore fraud prevention solutions

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Get the full transparency with the Interchange++

The type of pricing model that benefits you. Most commonly used across Europe and the US in regards to payments via Visa/Mastercard and gives more transparency in terms of costs breakdown than any other types of pricing.

How does it work? Acquirer or payment provider will charge a merchant after a card transaction using a rate made of three different cost components:

  • Interchange fee (IC) – “the issuer fee” paid by the acquirer to the issuing bank (the customer’s bank)
  • Card scheme fee (+) – the first “+” is a fee charged to the acquirer by card organizations such as Visa/Mastercard for using their network. Depends on various factors (localization, card type, security of the transaction).
  • Acquirer fee (+) – the second “+” covers the costs of service processing. It is a margin added by the acquirer or payment provider

Transparency of Interchange Plus Plus provides insight into what you are being charged for.

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