19 July 2018

Straal Bolsters Its Executive Leadership Team

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Straal - an everything-payments one-stop shop for online and omnichannel merchants – has welcomed two top-class executives with significant experience earned in the fintech sector to its executive leadership team. Tomasz Otto was appointed Chief Operating Officer in early June, whereas Tomasz Kobylarz joined Straal as the VP of Engineering at the beginning of July. The strengthening of the leadership team was prompted by Straal’s ambitious development plans.

Before joining Straal, Tomasz Otto, Chief Operating Officer since June 2018, worked for the Boston Consulting Group, where he was involved in strategic projects run for financial institutions across Europe, Latin America, and Middle East. He was responsible, among others, for preparing a comprehensive strategy for adapting one of the key European financial entities to the requirements of the PSD2 directive. In his new role, Tomasz will be in charge of developing detailed concepts and coordinating implementation processes related to Straal’s new products. The newly appointed COO is a graduate in Economy at the Warsaw School of Economics as well as Finance and Investment at the Rotterdam School of Management. He is an avid triathlete and a traveler.

Tomasz Kobylarz, who has been performing the role of VP of Engineering since the beginning of July, has over eight years of experience in developing IT products for the fintech, retail, and banking sectors. Prior to joining Straal, he held managerial positions at Diebold-Nixdorf, AEVI International and Applause Inc., where he successfully oversaw multiple implementations of payment solutions in Poland, Australia, France, the CEE region and the United States. At Straal, he is accountable for coordinating and orchestrating the technical processes linked to product development and growing the company’s Dev Team.

Straal is a provider of innovative payment solutions for online and omnichannel merchants. The company delivers tools for payment acceptance, settlement optimization, advanced analytics and protection against fraud. Straal specializes in automatic recurring payments, which constitute the cornerstone of the subscription-based business model. The company’s solutions are trusted by businesses operating across Europe, Latin America and the United States. The Warsaw-headquartered team is constantly developing its product portfolio and, as a result, over the next several months, they will be introducing new payment methods into the offer and enhancing the functionalities of Straal Kompas – a tool for analytics, management and reporting. In autumn, the company will also announce its detailed plans for the development consumer finance products based on card issuing.

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