14 October 2019

Re.volt to Revolutionize Czech Vehicle Sharing with Straal Payments On Board

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  • Re.volt – a new vehicle sharing company from Prague – selects Straal for the exclusive provider of payment, optimization and fraud prevention solutions.
  • Re.volt users can now pay for their rides by credit and debit cards of all major organisations, while the system administrator keeps full control over the company’s financial condition.
  • Re.volt is yet another Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) company in the CEE region leveraging Straal solutions to monetize its business with maximum effectiveness.
  • The newly-signed contract aligns with Straal’s long-term strategy aimed at becoming the first-tier provider of payment solutions for MaaS operators in Europe.

Re.volt – a new vehicle sharing brand from Czechia – has established cooperation with Straal – an international provider of payment, optimization and fraud prevention solutions. Thanks to Straal, Re.volt users can pay for their rides automatically and securely, using credit and debit cards of all major organizations. The partnership includes providing Re.volt with a smart card-on-file payment gateway, a set of proprietary optimization and fraud prevention algorithms, and access to Straal Kompas – a powerful and intuitive management panel.

The suite of solutions crafted for Re.volt combines friction-free payment experience with top-grade transaction security and maximum effectiveness of payment collecting.

Founded in 2017, Re.volt seeks to revolutionize the Czech Mobility-as-a-Service market with a fleet of compact, environmentally-friendly and affordable shared vehicles. Their network of electric cars and motorcycles is meant to make moving across Prague easier, faster, and emission-free.

While making the crucial decision of choosing our PSP, we had to keep in mind the uniqueness of the MaaS market. Vehicle sharing is based upon mobile technology and truly frictionless user experiencesays Pavel Kuchta, CEO, Re.volt. We have chosen Straal due to their rich experience in the Mobility-as-a-Service sector and well-established presence on the CEE market. Another deciding factor lies in the product itself: it gives us full control over our transactions – adds Mr. Kuchta.

Cooperating with companies such as Re.volt plays an important role in Straal’s development strategy.

Mobility-as-a-Service is among the pillars of the modern-day digital economy. Our mission is to provide digital innovators with monetization solutions that meet their future-oriented paradigm, both technology and philosophy-wise – explains Michal Jędraszak, CEO, Straal. We are thrilled to have Re.volt among our clients. I firmly believe that this cooperation will be mutually fruitful. Our goal is to become the first-tier payment service provider for European MaaS companies, and this contract is an important step towards it – adds Mr. Jędraszak.

In 2018, Straal announced a partnership with blinkee.city – a Poland-headquartered network of shared electric mopeds and scooters, operating on seven European markets. In May 2019, the PSP announced a partnership with Quick – a Polish operator of electric kick scooters, active in Tricity.

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