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Succeed on the Subscription Market

The current socio-economic changes and fast technological development make ever more organizations consider transitioning from traditional distribution models to subscriptions. Numerous success stories prove that switching from the pay per product approach into the one based on recurring revenue results in increased profitability, predictability, and stability.

As Subscription Economy has been a hot topic for some time now, there are quite many publications covering the topic but this abundance may lead to chaos and confusion. This paper has been created to clarify what might appear vague about Subscription Economy: product-model fit, relation between acquisition and retention, metrics worth tracking and more.

Learn about:

  • technological, economic, social and cultural phenomena that shape the subscription trend,
  • smart ways to design a subscription-based business model,
  • essentials of the subscription business effectiveness monitoring and evaluation,
  • subscription business optimization tools and techniques.
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Subscription Business Handbook

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