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Online payments

Convert and retain customers wherever they are in the world. Accept payments carried out with diverse methods, currencies, and devices.

Straal enables accepting one-off and recurring payments carried out by customers with credit and debit cards of all major organisations, initiating SEPA Direct Debit cycles and more. Your customers can pay in currencies of their choice (over 150 options), using their preferred desktop and mobile platforms.

Supported payment methods:

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In order to ensure a truly smooth, user-friendly shopping experience, you can either create your checkout page from scratch – using our handy tools for developers – or easily implement one of our intuitive pre-designed checkouts.

Subscription Management

Ensure predictable and reliable revenue. Create and manage billing plans, automatically collect recurring payments, and maximize customer retention.

Thanks to our Subscription Management toolkit, you can easily create and modify recurring billing plans, link users with cards and SEPA Direct Debit orders, and automatically collect scheduled payments.

Our toolkit reaches beyond simple recurring billing management. Thanks to Straal Smart Retry logic, you can effortlessly improve your customer retention by retrying denied transactions when the chances for approval are highest.

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Optimize your transaction approval rate, lessen the risk of denials or payment issues through three mutually reinforcing mechanisms: Smart Retry logic, Card Updater, and Smart Routing.

Smart Retry minimizes the risk of transaction denial due to insufficient funds by selecting the right moment to charge your subscriber’s card in each billing period to maximize the probability of transaction approval.

Card Updater mechanism makes sure the card expiry date saved in the system is current and automatically updates this information when needed, so that you don’t need to worry about losing your customers.

Smart Routing analyses a myriad of factors associated with each transaction and your company’s condition to automatically select the best acquiring bank for the given operation.


Spread the seamless shopping experience across all channels. Turn online, mobile and offline into one.

At Straal, we understand that customers are customers – not desktop users, mobile shoppers or visitors of brick-and-mortar points of sale. These are the same people in different circumstances, deserving and expecting top-notch shopping experience wherever and however they interact with your business.

Thanks to our RESTful API, Straal solutions can be easily integrated with any device – be it desktop, mobile or an IoT solution. We provide a suite of ready-to-use SDKs that make implementing Straal payments in any native application easy. As we cooperate closely with leading acquiring banks and providers of POS terminals, we are a one-stop-shop for omnichannel merchants requiring a full-stack payment solution.

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In-Depth Analytics

Monitor and understand your company’s condition. Track all crucial KPIs and create truly informative reports in one place.

Discover Straal Kompas – the powerful, yet easy-to-use management and analytical panel designed to give you a full, 360° overview of your company’s financial and operational condition. The intuitive dashboard enables real-time tracking of KPIs about transactions, customers, subscriptions and payment methods.

Thanks to Straal Kompas, your periodic and ad hoc reporting becomes easier and more insightful than ever. You can fully customize the scope of information to be included in your reporting files or use our predefined templates.

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Fraud Prevention

Protect your bottom line and scale-up safely. Automatically discern fraud attempts from legitimate transactions before they even happen.

Straal comes equipped with top-grade mechanisms to detect and prevent fraud with an outstanding accuracy. The system leverages machine learning, pattern recognition, advanced user profiling and more to strike the right balance between defense and optimized conversions.

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